Electricity tripping by geyser in Sandton is very common so we at Sandton Plumbers have decided to add a list of possible issues that could cause the electricity to trip:

  • Faulty wiring at your geyser in Sandton

When the wiring is bad or causing short you will need an electrician in order to repair the wiring and is obviously out of the scope of Sandton Plumbers to repair it for you. We would suggest that you look for an electrician in Sandton in order to assist you.

  • Faulty geyser element and thermostat in Sandton

When your element becomes faulty it could very easily cause electrical shorts and the only remedy here is to replace the element. Sandton Plumbers are fully equipped with all the different types, shapes and sizes of geyser elements which mean that they will be able to help you any time of the day or night. When Sandton Plumbers replaces the element, they will also replace the thermostat as well as the flange gasket as a set while most other plumbers in the area have only been replacing the element. Sandton Plumbers have found this practice to be a more reliable and lasting solution to the problem in orde3r to prevent the geyser from leaking and causing problems at a later point of time.

  • Sandton Plumbers have found on numerous occasions geyser installed in Sandton that does not comply with the SABS standards in that no copper earth strap was connected between the inlet and outlet of the geyser. Sandton will always ensure that the geyser in properly earthed before they leave your premises.

For any of these and many more issues feel free to contact Sandton Plumbers for prompt and professional service any time of the day or night.

Geyser tripping electricity in Sandton


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