Faulty geyser pressure valves in Sandton are not a uncommon situation. Sandton Plumbers have fixed thousands of these and we have listed some of the problems you might experience and possible solutions for you:

  • Faulty T&P valve in Sandton

The T&P valve fitted to your geyser will help regulate pressure inside your geyser by monitoring the temperature which is a common complaint in the Sandton and surrounding area. The T&P valve becomes old and worn which causes them to open at a lower temperature and Sandton Plumbers will then replace the T&P valve for you with little effort.

  • Faulty high pressure valves in Sandton

When your high pressure valve have completely packed up it will run water like an open tap and it is at this point that you will require the services of Sandton Plumbers to replace your faulty high pressure valve in Sandton.

  • A faulty vacuum valve in Sandton

  • When you’re vacuum valve seize working it could lead to a burst geyser in Sandton and it is for this reason that Sandton Plumbers will gladly investigate the condition your vacuum breakers in order to replace them.

When Sandton plumbers arrive at your premises they will follow the following steps in order to assist you with your faulty geyser valves in Sandton:

  • Sandton Plumbers will arrive at your premises and then do a thorough investigation into the condition of all the valves attached to your geyser.
  • When a faulty valve was detected Sandton Plumbers will report back to you with a quotation.
  • When you accept the quotation Sandton Plumbers will start work and in no time fix, service or replace any valves attached to your geyser.

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