Leaking geyser pipes in Pretoria East is a common situation and can be attributed to a number of factors:

  • When you have water dripping down your ceiling in Pretoria East

This is not necessarily to say that you have a burst geyser it could just simply be a leaking geyser pipe in Pretoria East. We have found that the geyser installations in Pretoria East are not according to SABS standards and do not have a drip tray.

  • A hammering noise when you open your hot water taps in Pretoria East

When hot water pipes makes a hammering noise in Pretoria East it indicates that you have loose pipes in your ceiling that will be prone to developing a water leak in no time.
These are just some of the problems you can experience in Pretoria East area. Pretoria East Plumbers will follow the following procedure in order to assist you:

  • Pretoria East Plumbers will first arrive at your premises fully equipped and ready to handle all your leaking geyser pipes.
  • Pretoria East Plumbers will analyze your particular situation and then formulate a quotation based on the complexity, material and time required to stop your geyser leaking pipe.
  • Only upon your approval Pretoria East Plumbers will start work and stop your geyser leaking pipe.

Leaking geyser pipe


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