A leaking geyser in Sandton is common and we at Sandton Plumbers regularly replace geysers so we have compiled a list of possible causes and reasons why geyser will leak in the area:

  • Geyser without vacuum breakers in Sandton

    Sandton Plumbers have noticed that a large volume of geysers are not fit with industry standard vacuum breakers if at all. The result is catastrophic when the water supply is worked on as is the case in Sandton small water bubbles will travel in the water supply collecting inside the geyser. The result is a burst and leaking geyser in Sandton. Many burst geysers in Sandton could actually have been avoided with a simple vacuum breaker.
  • Thermostats stuck on the on position in Sandton

    The geyser installations in Sandton is old and this poses a problem for geysers in the sense that when your thermostat get stuck on the on position it results in the water boiling inside the geyser and the pressure will eventually cause the geyser to burst.
  • Geysers suffering from metal fatigue in Sandton

    Through age, wear and tear the geysers in Sandton will eventually start leaking due to the fact that some geysers are experiencing temperature extremities because they are fitted outside buildings and homes. The great variations in temperature as is the case in Sandton results in metal fatigue that becomes apparent once the pressure builds up to the point where the metal will develop a crack and will start leaking water.

For any of these issues Sandton Plumbers are standing by to assist you any time of the day or night.

Leaking geyser in Sandton


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