When you experience no hot water in the Sandton and surrounding suburbs you are sure to have your geyser element and thermostat to be replaced.
Sandton Plumbers replace these items daily so we have decided to compile a list of reasons why these items perish after a period of time:

  • Faulty geyser element in Sandton

    The element handles a large volume of heat production and age the major contributing factor to failures and since the geysers in the Sandton is old we thus see a large volume of no hot water complaints in and around Sandton. Sandton Plumbers are fully stocked with all the different types of geyser elements and can thus assist you in a wink of an eye.
  • Fauly geyser thermostat in Sandton

    The thermostat controls the power supplied to your element and is prone to failure with age as is the case with geysers in Sandton. Regular switching on and off exacerbates failure common to geysers installed outdoors in Sandton.
  • Replacing your geyser flange gasket in Sandton

    When Sandton Plumbers replace the element and thermostat we also replace the flange gasket to ensure that the geyser will not leak after we are done.
  • Sandton Plumbers does a full inspection of your geyser installation

    Sandton Plumbers will first do a full inspection of your geyser and will report any irregularities if the geyser installation does not comply with ISO 9001 or SABS standards.
  • Sandton Plumbers replacing faulty geyser element and thermostat

    Once Sandton Plumbers have established that  your element, thermostat and flange gasket needs to be replaced we will then offer you a quotation and only upon your approval we will commence work.

For a quick and easy result contact Sandton Plumbers now for immediate assistance.

No het water in Sandton


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