I’m Chantal from Pretoria East and I would like to compliment Pretoria East Plumbers for their awesome service.
I have spent a large amount of money on unnecessary phone calls that led me to frustration and bills costing me more than what was necessary searching for a plumber in and around Pretoria East. I have been trying to find a plumbing company that could assist me with my in Pretoria East geyser that has been leaking for over two months and my water and electricity bills escalated to a horrific amount.
After calling many various companies that could not deliver the promising services that they advertise on their web pages such as free quotes and call outs in Pretoria East. Also the plumbers were not at my premises in Pretoria East the time that has been arranged by the persons who deals with the plumbers directly, they were either late or didn’t pitch at all and besides that, they didn’t even have the decency to let me know that they might be late for some reason will not be able to make the appointment so that you can make other arrangements for a plumber in Pretoria East. They are rather jeopardizing my job by not communicating properly because I can’t just take off work any time I want because I life in Pretoria East and have to travel 45 minutes to work every day.
I finally got hold of Pretoria East Plumbers from the internet through a Google search and they were the only plumbing company who could deliver the services as advertised. Pretoria East Plumbers replaced my  200l leaking geyser with a brand new geyser with good quality and all the including parts  such as Drip Tray, Vacuum breakers, Shut off valve on the cold water side, T&P Valve, pressure control valve, Electrical isolator switch, Thermostat, Self-sacrificing anode and Plumbing piping at an affordable price and a trusting guarantee. While Pretoria East Plumbers installed the geyser they worked neatly and professionally. I would without any doubt refer my family members and friends to Pretoria East Plumbers and would be glad to use their services again in the future when needed.   


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