A faulty geyser in Pretoria East is common due to the fact that the geyser installations are old and worn. Pretoria East Plumbers gets dispatched on a daily basis to clients in Pretoria East requesting assistance with a faulty geyser that ranges from a burst geyser to no hot water and leaking geyser pipes. Pretoria East Plumbers have compiled a shortlist of possible causes of faults found in Pretoria East for faulty geysers:

  • No hot water in Pretoria East

This is one of the most common issues with geysers in the Pretoria East and surrounding areas and can be contributed to a faulty geyser element or geyser thermostat.

  • Burst geysers in Pretoria East

Because of incorrect installations of geysers in Pretoria East we find a large volume of burst geysers. Some of the classical problems are no vacuum breakers Pretoria East Plumbers have picked up in the area. Wrong matching of pressure valves fitted to geysers in Pretoria East. These are just some simple examples of errors made by plumbers in the Pretoria East and surrounding areas.

  • Burst geyser pipes in Pretoria East

In the Pretoria East and surrounding areas we find that due to great temperature variations leaking or burst pipes in the ceiling area becoming common. The reasons for this is the fact that Pretoria East can get cold in winter and when hot water traveling through the pipe will heat up the pipe causing eventual metal fatigue causing the pipe to burst.
For any of these problems feel free to contact Pretoria East Plumbers for immediate results.

Pretoria East faulty geyser


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