Pretoria East Plumbers will install your new geyser strictly according to SABS standards to ensure that your new installation will comply with latest installation requirements. We at Pretoria East Plumbers have produced a shortlist of typical shortcomings in terms of geyser installations in the Pretoria East are:

  • No vacuum breakers installed on geyser in the Pretoria East area.

The vacuum breaker removes any air from your geyser and we rarely find them installed on geysers in the Pretoria East area. This is a very dangerous game as the geyser will start building up pressure and thus will burst or even worse explode which we have seen happening in Pretoria East.

  • Reconditioned high pressure valves in Pretoria East.

We only use genuine parts and avoid fong kong parts and in particular the reconditioned parts common in Pretoria East. The original parts are slightly more expensive but actually do the job it is intended for and thus leaves a long lasting quality of workmanship typical to Pretoria East Plumbers.

  • No drip tray installed under geysers in the Pretoria East area.

Pretoria East Plumbers will confirm that almost 99% of the geysers installed in Pretoria East do not have a drip tray under the geyser. The drip trays function is to help prevent water damage when the geyser burst and subsequently the property owners in Pretoria East are suffering great losses as a result.
Obviously we have seen nightmares unfolding in front of our very own eyes in the Pretoria East area due to incorrect and irresponsible installations of geysers. It is for this reasons that Pretoria East Plumbers will ensure the following:

  • We will inspect the living area of your geyser in Pretoria East

We would like to ascertain whether or not the geyser will be installed according to SABS standards before we replace your geyser in the current position

  • We will install the correct joints and fittings according to the manufacturer’s specs to ensure that your installation of your geyser in the Pretoria East area will be strictly according to standard.
  • Pretoria East Plumbers will ensure that the correct TP valve, high pressure valve and vacuum breakers will be fitted to finish of a professional installation

For a fantastic service and guarantee contact Pretoria East Plumbers now for the best possible service money can buy.


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