Most common reasons for geysers to burst in the Sandton area, is due to faulty, worn or low quality, second hand parts installed on a geyser.

The High pressure valve is installed at the front of your geyser to regulate the pressure in your geyser due to water cooling and warming up every time you use your hot water and we have in most cases the high pressure valves in Sandton are all worn and old. 

Once this valve is worn or re-conditioned, chances of not being able to regulate the pressure to a healthy state for the geyser another contributing factor is the fluctuation of water pressure in Sandton, it causes the pressure to rise to such extend where the geyser burst.

Extreme temperatures, such as very cold mornings and evenings, especially geysers mounted on roofs and outside as is the case in Sandton, often burst due to the temperature variation between extreme cold on the outside, whilst the water in the geyser is hot.

At Sandton Plumbers, we pride ourselves in our workmanship. To enable us to give you a five year guarantee on the geyser installed, we only use high quality, genuine parts, such as Johnson and Cobra, assuring your peace of mind that you will have trouble-free usage of your geyser for several years.

It is also common that the Sandton area geysers are not fitted with drip trays, causing tremendous damage to the roof, and if not isolated in time, water damage to the rest of the house, once the geyser burst.

To prevent unnecessary water damage to your hard earned belongings, feel free call Sandton Plumbers to install a drip tray and regularly service or replace your high pressure valve and vacuum breakers.

Prevention is better than cure, call Sandton Plumbers now!

Sandton burst geyser


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