Sandton geyser pressure valve that becomes faulty is common in the area because we regularly find irregularities in the valves fitted and also we would like to share a synopsis of faults we come across:

  • Faulty high pressure valves in Sandton

With reconditioned high pressure valves you stand a good chance that the valve would fail like so many other is Sandton. It is for this reasons that Sandton Plumbers avoid fitting reconditioned valves altogether.

  • Faulty T&P valves will cause water to be expelled from your geyser and will eventually run like an open tap of which many residents in the Sandton area have complained and numerous occasions. We at Sandton Plumbers will effortlessly replace your faulty T&P valve in no time to ensure that your geyser valves comply with the highest standards possible.

For any of these problem Sandton Plumbers will first do a proper assessment of your geyser and the geyser installation before making a recommendation. Once Sandton Plumbers have presented you with a quotation and you have accepted the quotation we will quickly repair what needs to be repaired and clean the work area to ensure customer satisfaction

Sandton faulty geyser valves


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