When your geyser trips your electricity in Sandton it means that either your geyser element or thermostat is faulty. Sandton Plumbers replaces these daily and it is only on the odd occasion that it really is your electrical supply to the geyser. We at Sandton Plumbers have formulated a shortlist of possible causes and remedies for this situation:

  • Faulty geyser element in Sandton

When your geyser element develops a crack it means that your electrical supply will come into contact with your earth causing shorts that will trip your earth leakage.

  • Faulty geyser electrical supply in Sandton

When your electrical wires connected to your geyser come into contact with earth the electrical earth leakage will trip the power.
In either of these cases Sandton Plumbers are standing by to assist you fixing your tripping geyser.

Sandton geyser tripping electricity


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