In Sandton one of the most common problems is leaking geyser pipes. Various contributing factors in the Sandton and surrounding areas create the right environment for pipes near and close to your geyser to start leaking and we have listed them for your convenience:

  • Old and warn pipes in the Sandton area

Due to age the pipes in your plumbing installation will get old and degraded especially the hot water pipes due to expansion and contraction which is one of the major contributing factors in the Sandton are due to the fact that the houses and offices are old. Most of the premises in Sandton are still using galvanized piping which rusts away and causes burst pipes.

  • Wrong pipes used in the wrong area in Sandton

When you use a plumber sitting on the street corner in Sandton – expect trouble. We have seen many times that polycop pipe was used for the hot water supply pipes which will not last you a month before they will burst.

  • Weak piping joints in Sandton

Another common issue is weak joints and connections which is a common complaint in Sandton. The pipe joints will eventually tear lose with hot water flowing through the pipes and then cooling down, Sandton Plumbers repair these problems daily in Sandton.

  • High pressure valves starts leaking in Sandton

High pressure valves will eventually start dropping pressure by releasing water through the high pressure valve causing the impression that you have a broken or burst pipe in your ceiling common to the residential area in Sandton. This is a sure indication that you will have to dispatch Sandton Plumbers to service or better yet replace your high pressure valve.
If you have any of these problems and you have contacted Sandton Plumbers we will do the following for you:

  • Sandton Plumbers will climb into your roof and thoroughly inspect your geyser and surrounding pipes and connections.
  • Sandton Plumbers will quickly, effortlessly determine the offending component and will then device a quotation based around complexity, material required and man hours spend in order to correct the problem.
  • Upon your approval Sandton Plumbers will start your job and replace what needs to be replaced.
Sandton leaking geyser pipe



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