A leaking geyser in Sandton is one of the most common problems reported in Sandton.  Sandton Plumbers are fully equipped to handle a variety of issues that contributes to a leaking geyser and we have formulated a short list of issues regarding geyser leaking in the area:

  • Age of geyser in Sandton

The geysers in Sandton are old resulting in leaking or burst geyser.  What happens to old geyser in Sandton is they suffer from metal fatigue resulting in hairline cracks that do not show up immediately but over a period of time results in a leaking geyser.

  •  Geyser metal fatigue in Sandton

Typical of the geyser in Sandton is the fact that the points where water enters the geyser is prone to suffer from metal fatigue because the geyser is hot and the water flowing into the geyser is cold resulting in excessive temperature variations causing weak points on the inlet of the geyser causing hair line cracks.

  • No vacuum breakers installed on geysers in Sandton

Sandton Plumbers have noticed a large volume of geysers installed in Sandton where fitted with no vacuum breakers. The result of no vacuum breakers is as follows: common to Sandton the water supply line sometimes carry small bubbles of air trapped in the water. The air pockets will deposit inside the geyser and will help to create enormous amounts of pressure causing your geyser in Sandton to burst and start leaking water.

  • Faulty high pressure valves in Sandton

High pressure valves perform the task of protecting your geyser against excessive pressure and we find a lot of these faulty in Sandton.  It is strongly advisable to regularly investigate and ensure that your high pressure valve is in a perfect working order by asking Sandton Plumbers to investigate whether or not your high pressure valve is working properly.
When you have contacted Sandton Plumbers they will:

  • Sandton Plumbers will do a proper investigation if your high pressure valve needs to be replaced or serviced.
  • Once Sandton Plumbers have established that your high pressure valve requires replacement they will establish time taken to replace the unit as well as material needed to do the job.
  • If however it was found that your geyser is leaking Sandton Plumbers will present you with a quotation to replace your geyser.
  • Sandton Plumbers will now present you with a quotation and only upon your approval they will replace the unit or service the valve if needed.

Sandton Leaking geyser


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