Sandton no hot water is common and we at Sandton Plumbers are called out regularly so we thought it a good idea to pen down some of the reasons you end up with no hot water:

  • When your element stops working in Sandton it will happen in one of two ways:
    • The resistive portion of your element burns away and causes that no current flow between the two electrical contacts of your element which is the most common problem in Sandton.
    • The element burst open due to a portion of the resistive component creating a short resulting in a portion of the electrical resistive component of your element exposed to the water which is a lesser common complaint in Sandton.
  • Your thermostat gets stuck and causes your geyser element to be on the on position 24-7 which has the effect of your geyser dumping water or bursting which is common in Sandton.
  • Another common complaint in Sandton is that the thermostat becomes faulty and will simply not go to the on position.

In either of the above situations Sandton Plumbers will replace your element, thermostat and flange gasket to ensure a long lasting repair that will not quickly falter.

Sandton no hot water


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