Most geysers in Sandton have not been installed according to SABS standards so we at Sandton Plumbers have compiled a short list of typical errors we find in the installations of geysers in Sandton:

  • Non standard high pressure valves in Sandton

Some of the plumbers whom have done work on geysers in Sandton have installed reconditioned high pressure valves that fail after a short period of time. Sandton Plumbers always ensures that they fit brand name originals parts.

  • No vacuum breakers fitted to geysers in and around Sandton

When you omit the fitment of vacuum breakers you run the risk of the geyser developing a crack on its seems prematurely as is the case in Sandton. We at Sandton Plumbers always ensure that we fit vacuum breakers according to spec to ensure long life of your geyser.

  • No drip tray fitted to geysers in Sandton

The function of the drip tray fitted to geysers in sandton is to ensure that when your geyser burst that the water expelled will be transported outside your home or office and to help minimize water damage. Sandton Plumbers will always ensure that when we fit a geyser we always fit a drip tray so that your geyser installation will comply with SABS standards and will be acceptable according to your insurance company.
These are just some of the irregularities we at Sandton Plumbers have picked up in your area.

Sandton SABS approved geyser installation


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